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Liquid and Water Detection System

Why you should choose Aquaman water leakage detection system:

The Master Panel has a built-in Web Server allowing easy access to Status and Programming through a Webpage. It provides quick and easy access to information about your Water Leakage Detection monitored conditions. Even time stamped history reports are readily available online.

Liquid Leakage

The Liquid and Water Sensing Cable is constructed with Conductive Polymer and covered with insulation Mesh to eliminate the chance of false alarms due to short circuit with metal objects or dusty environment.

Web-based Monitoring

Multiple Language LCD Display

The Master Panel has the LCD Display either in English or Chinese (Simplified or Traditional).

Web based Monitoring and Alarm Notification

Easy to Install

The system was designed with a modular structure, which is easy to install and maintain. You just need to plug the cables and other system components together. It is also flexible for design changes and future extension.

The Master Panel can log up to 4,000 entries of Leak and Cable Break Alarm History. The Eventlog History can be exported to XML or HTML files for data analysis.

Data for Analysis

Water leakage


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